checkWe will prepare a summary report for Intrastat

checkGoods will be included in the appropriate fields, we will determine the quantity, price and everything properly issued

checkWe will solve all the paperwork associated with the management of statistical data during import and export of goods

checkWe guarantee absolute correctness of all statements

checkWe offer our new clients the management of Intrastat free for 3 months

checkWe don’t only help Czech and Slovak companies

checkBut we are able to manage Intrastat for clients from Poland and Hungary as well

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It is a data collection system for monitoring the movement of goods between member countries of the EU. It is the processing and sending statistical data about the movement of goods between EU member countries in the framework of internal EU business. That means between the Czech Republic and other EU member countries, while the goods must cross the state border. Intrastat system is mandatory for all member countries of the European Union, but is not unified with the method of collecting primary data (e.g. in the form of a statement, organizational security, a division of the types of transactions, in the collection of certain data and the method their, in the amount of limits for reporting). Therefore, it’s better to leave this activity to specialized companies that have the whole paper working process automated, have special software to process the paperwork and manage to handle everything much faster.
Obligation to process and send this data via Intrastat arises only for persons registered for VAT in the Czech Republic, if the received goods from another member country or dispatched goods to another member country with a value excessing the limit for Intrastat reporting. This limit was set at 8 million CZK for received (imported) goods and extra 8 million for goods shipped per year. I.e. any company that is headquartered in the Czech Republic, is subject to VAT and exceeds the above amount in commercial transactions is required to perform Intrastat reporting. Reporting is done monthly, no later than the 10th working day of the following month (for electronic reporting till the 12th day of the month). This obligation lasts until the end of the year, when the company exceeds this threshold and the entire following year, regardless of the sum and the amount of the invoices.

Ukázkový příklad:

Firma na vstupu v měsíci květnu zjistí, že součet všech faktur u dovezeného zboží dosáhl hodnoty 10 300 000 Kč. Tedy od května tohoto roku je povinna začít vykazovat hlášení pro přijetí. Jelikož překročila onu hranici 8 miliónů pro přijaté zboží.

Protože však  nepřekročila i limit na výstupu zboží (taktéž 8 mil. Kč), vykazuje pouze hlášení o přijetí. Je ale stále povinna sledovat případné překročení limitní hranice zboží na odeslání. Jednotlivé částky se tedy nesčítají. povinnost vykazovat data pro Intrastat vám vzniká jen v případě, že překročíte limit 8 miliónů Kč při importu a nebo 8 miliónů u exportu.

Pokud hodláte vyvézt zboží ve výši 4 milionů korun a dovézt do tuzemska zboží ve výši 6 miliónů, tato povinnost se vás netýká. Můžete si oddechnout :-).

Zobrazit ukázkový příklad!

There are many reasons:

checkYou can focus on other, far more important things

checkYou will get rid of the responsibility for potential mistakes

checkIt is easier and faster

checkIntrastat is very complicated

checkYou will need months to fully understand everything

External companies specializing on Intrastat reporting can process the complete agenda much faster than you. How is it possible? You have to take into consideration that these professionals are working with Intrastat for many years, they have completed dozens of trainings and they are perfectly oriented in all of the relevant regulations and standards. Finally, these specialized companies use their own, custom designed software, which makes their jobs significantly easier. Therefore, they are able to provide continuous Intrastat reporting for dozens and even hundreds of companies all at once. When you calculate how much time, money and effort you would have to put into training your own team, you will draw one conclusion:

Payroll expenses and acquisition of specialized software costs many times exceed the amount, which you will pay to the specialized company for managing Intrastat.

And what does the management of Intrastat cost?

The price will depend on the amount of work that will need to be performed. Therefore, the cost cannot be unified. However, this example will at least give you a general overview of the prices for the management of Intrastat.
Up to 50 invoices, the price is around 3,000 CZK per month. When the volume of invoices is more than 100 invoices per month, you will be charged with a flat-rate amount of 6,000 CZK per month.

What services are included in the management of Intrastat?

    • Monitoring the establishment or termination of the obligation to report data to Intrastat – limits for exporting the good the EU member countries (8,000,000 CZK) and for the acquisition of goods in the EU countries.
    • Client registration for reporting of data to Intrastat with the competent customs authority
    • Preparation and collection of data for information reporting in the Intrastat system
    • Classification of goods in the EU customs tariffs for the purposes of Intrastat reporting
  • Processing Intrastat reports:
    • Proper
    • Corrective
    • Negative reports
    • Occasional reports
  • Submission of Intrastat reports to the competent customs authority
  • Processing of statements through a specially designed software that allow you to import data from clients’ internal business systems (SAP, etc.) and the transfer of Intrastat reports to the customs authority in an electronic form
  • Communication with the customs authorities in the matters of information included in the Intrastat reports, providing synergy to the customs authorities during the inspections of information correctness included in the Intrastat reports
  • Other tasks according to clients’ specific requirements

Do you think that Intrastat is too complicated? Give it all to us!

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