Accounting and tax records management

checkAre you a freelancer (self-employed) and need help with simple tax records? Do you need help with tax returns? Or are you just tired of wasting time reading the laws and would like to devote to your own business?

checkAre you the managing director of a small or medium business? And you want help with bookkeeping, preparation of payroll for employees at the end of the month or want an advice on the contributions for health insurance and social security?

checkAre you representing a large corporation that would like to outsource some accounting processes?

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Why to use the services of our accounting company?

  • Save your time

  • You can fully concentrate on your business

  • You are taking no risks

  • We guarantee the precision of our services

  • Personal approach

  • We work well and don’t cost much

    • Single-entry bookkeeping for business owners, tax records (records of incomes and costs, records of assets and liabilities)
    • Double-entry bookkeeping for entrepreneurs and businesses
    • Audit of financial statements
    • Preparation of financial statements
    • Registration for VAT in the Czech Republic
    • Preparation of documents for VAT
    • Processing periodic tax returns
    • Processing payrolls for employees, income taxes
    • Representation in negotiations with tax authorities
    • Accounting and tax advisory, consulting
    • Processing comments for tax and accounting issues
Price for accounting services depends on the complexity and extent of the given task. Each demand can vary greatly in its costs according to the amount of accounting documents and the complexity of the cases. For this reason, we have decided not to publish a price list of accounting services on our website, since it could be very misleading.

All prices are contractual and therefore each price offer is prepared individually. This always guarantees that our clients will not pay more, unnecessarily. Fixed prices are not always entirely objective.

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