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  • What will be the duty of imported goods?
  • How much will you pay when exporting goods
  • What will you have to do and arrange?
  • What conditions are applied for importing and exporting goods?
  • What is the tariff classification for the imported goods?
  • What forms will you have to fill out?
  • And most importantly – haven’t you forgotten anything?
  • Haven’t you broken the customs law? Shouldn’t you be sanctioned?

Don’t you want to look for answers to questions like these?

Since the customs legislation is really comprehensive, these and many other questions will often ruin your business life. The customs issues are known perfectly by only a few individuals and companies in the country. And we belong among them. Why should you be a customs specialist, when you can hire us?

We will help you quickly navigate in the customs issues!

As we are truly specialists in customs issues and guarantee the quality and reliability of our services.
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  • When you start trading with EU
  • And you are required to report data to Intrastat system
  • You need to prepare the summary reports
  • Record what goods were imported from another EU country
  • And report the same data for exports to EU
  • What is the weight of goods
  • How many pieces were imported
  • What was the invoiced price
  • Where should you categorize the item in the tariff classification

You don’t have to do everything alone

You can contact is in the matters related to the management of Intrastat statistics! Save your time and time of your employees!

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Excise taxes

  • What taxes apply to specific goods in a given country?
  • Have the rates or amounts of such taxes changed?
  • Have you paid the excise duty on goods in the correct amount?
  • Are you entitled to a refund of certain fees or taxes?
  • Can apply any allowance?
  • What do you have to do to get a refund of excise taxes?

Do you need help?

  • Explain to us what are your worries
  • We will request all the necessary documents
  • And we will help you find the right answer
  • Don’t needlessly waste time by searching
  • Email us or call us!
  • And get advice from experts NOW!
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Accounting and tax records for businesses

  • Do you need someone to process all your bookkeeping?
  • Looking for and individual or team of experienced accountants and tax advisors?
  • Are you not satisfied with your accountant or a tax advisor
  • Or you don’t have time for this?

Get rid of these obligations

  • Simplify your life
  • We will process all your bookkeeping
  • Advise you on how to save on taxes
  • Properly maintain accounting according to IAS / IFRS
  • We will manage everything for you
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What activities can we solve for you?

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