Ekaer – how to do it?

We are offering our services to handle Ekaer. We are trained and registered in Hungary.  If interested  please contact me on jstepan@dcipower.com 



Access to NAV(national tax and customs office) application should already have all tax payers and is needed for registration. ( statutory or accountant)


All shipments must have Ekaer number available during transport and thus:

•invoice or data equivalent must be generated 1 day prior loading of goods and provided to DCI
•Truck number must be provided to DCI 1 day prior loading
•Ekaer number is valid for 15 days and thus reporting can be done 15 days prior loading of goods


DCI Power:

•will issue report electronically to NAV
•NAV accept our report and generates and respond back with Ekaer number
•DCI resend document with Ekaer number back to customer
•This document must be given to driver of related goods