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DCI Power, s.r.o. was established by merging two independent tax and accounting divisions with more than ten years of history. It happened on October 3, 2007. DCI Power company, s.r.o. has rapidly become one of the leading domestic companies. It was one of the first specialized company that focused on providing customs declaration services and was providing implementation and reporting of the movement of goods between the Czech Republic and other EU member counties (the so-called Intrastat). The company, then, began also started providing customs consulting. The last types of services that extended the company’s portfolio, were associated with tax management and corporate accounting. Among the first major clients were the companies Schenker, Atlas Copco, Moet Hennessy, Inditex .

DCI Power company, s.r.o. is based in Kolín and in 2013, it decided to broaden its scope and opened its first branch in Prague.

„Right from the beginning we preferred individual approach. It may sound like a cliché, but we are really taking care of our clients properly. We understood that it is only complete satisfaction, which is a key to keeping their hard-acquired clients. This is one of the reasons why we aren’t trying to expand our company so hastily. We want to grow and we are growing – but gradually. We don’t want to get into a situation where we have hundreds of clients, but we won’t have the time for them and we won’t have enough trained staff, etc. With this approach, we constantly thrive to maintain a high quality of service.“

Jaroslav Štěpán
DCI Power, spol. s r. o.

How was the name of the company (DCI Power) created?

The acronym DCI represents the initials of the three, from our point of view, the most fundamental services, which our company has been committed to.

  • Taxes (“Daně” in Czech) and accounting consulting
  • Customs, VAT and their calculations
  • Intrastat and communication with customs authorities

The word Power indicates that in these three areas lies our greatest strength, and we don’t hesitate to say that we are truly among the best. And so the name of our company, DCI Power, has been created.

Who founded DCI Power?

Two longtime friends and businessmen Jaroslav Štěpán and Jaroslav Černý founded the company. Both were doing business in the customs services, customs consultancy and were also providing tax consulting for their corporate clients. Soon after that, the idea was to establish and link the individual divisions under one company. Just the idea didn’t last long. And from there it was only a small step to the establishment of DCI Power, s.r.o. company.

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Phone: +420 724 366 684